Bodmin boss waits on clarity before return
Bodmin boss waits on clarity before return

Bodmin Town manager, Darren Gilbert

17th March 2021

By Tom Howe

The supplementary cup competition proposed by the South West Peninsula League has been scrapped after the Football Association (FA) ruled that spectators will not be permitted to attend step six matches until May 17 at the earliest.

This means for Bodmin Town, who had initially indicated they would play in the competition, their season could be over.

A ruling on the future of the Cornwall Senior Cup has yet to be reached but even if it did get the green light to continue, clubs may have just one cup game to look forward to if they are defeated.

With all the uncertainty of recent weeks, Town manager Darren Gilbert went as far as telling the Voice that football was one of the furthest things from his mind at this moment in time, putting his focus into his other commitments before returning for pre-season.

“We did agree to it and said we would go along with the majority,” he said. “If it was going to go ahead, we would definitely have done something. We were happy either way.

“We didn’t want to be the ones that said no and then found everybody else wanted to play but obviously the majority has ruled and they are not going to play which I totally understand. Until we come out of lockdown, that is a pretty fair decision to be perfectly honest.

“I don’t want to bring the boys back too early and they burn themselves out before the beginning of the season. It is not only that, I don’t know if the boys will want to come back early. Effectively the season is finishing now and if we are not starting again until next season, what is the point of coming back? It might be just the time that they need to spend with their families before starting fresh in pre-season.

“I have said to everybody that I’m not even thinking about football.

“The league has been cancelled and I guarantee they will cancel the cups too. I’m not preparing myself to come back and then see it cancelled again. I’ve already done that twice.

“When somebody stands up and says ‘right guys, this is the date we are coming back, this is when the season is going to start’, then I will put my full focus on it but I don’t see the point stressing and signing players at the moment when there is no need to.

“August is a long time off and we have all got other commitments. We might have another lockdown yet. I hope we don’t as it has been an absolute nightmare 12-months for everybody.

“I just don’t know. I can’t focus my head on football until somebody says ‘right, this season is up and running, here we go’.”