Gruelling schedule ‘was exactly what I needed’, says tennis ace
Gruelling schedule ‘was exactly what I needed’, says tennis ace

Nadia Rawson is competing in this week’s second round of the UK Pro League at Loughborough University

17th March 2021

By Tom Howe

Bodmin tennis ace Nadia Rawson says competing in the UK Pro League is providing her with the perfect grounding ahead of her transition into European competition.

Having not competed since December, Rawson, 21, made a return to action during last week’s UK Pro League first round where she faced seven matches in as many days.

Despite the event being held at Loughborough University, where Rawson currently studies, only ‘elite’ players were permitted to play indoors during lockdown, with Nadia admitting she had little chance to prepare properly going into the competition.

Unsurprisingly after so long off the court, Rawson took time to find her stride but a fine play-off win over Tanysha Dissanayake, after falling a set down, saw her finish in a creditable tenth position ahead of week two.

“It has been really good actually,” Rawson told the Voice. “I was really pleased to get into week one and get back inside again. It was tough because I missed out on having an elite exemption to be able to train indoors. A lot of people there had a ranking which meant they could train indoors.

“Compared to how I thought I was going to play, I played a lot better. I finished tenth overall and picked up some prize money which was great. I hadn’t competed since December and it showed me how much I had missed it.

“The standard was really good. There were a lot of people who I played against in the summer that were playing a lot better. It was a bit of a reality check. I haven’t been able to train indoors, I haven’t had the physio access that I normally do, haven’t had access to a gym. I hoped to play better each match and this week is just the same. You play seven matches in seven days and that was exactly what I needed. You gain more confidence and I am definitely a confidence player. The more matches I play the more I settle into it. It is really important I play a lot before I go travelling which this event is perfect for.”