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News Archive > General > Plans for new GP surgery take another step forward

Plans for new GP surgery take another step forward

By Oliver Young 24th March 2021

Plans for new GP surgery take another step forward
The process for a new doctors’ surgery for Bodmin took a step closer last week. The new health centre would be built at Beacon Technology Park, where the town’s walk-in covid-19 testing centre can be found

After years of work, behind the scenes, the pipe dream of a brand new health centre for Bodmin seems a little more like reality.

Carnewater and Stillmoor practices have worked for years in an effort to have their facilities upgraded with the number of patients they currently have, proving too many for the current service.

It is estimated that Carnewater accounts for 12,000 patients with Stillmoor having 11,000 with those numbers making the practice buildings approximately 50 per cent undersized for what it needs to provide.

But a new health centre for Bodmin, which is still in the planning stages and anticipated to be completed in two years’ time, will home 25,000 patients.

The move will also see the health centre become owned by the general practitioners (GPs) rather than being tenants at the current locations it operates at.

The extra space available at the Technology Park will see the provision available improved due to its ability to house more staff.

The plans, presented by Osmond Tricks, have received the backing of Bodmin Town Council. Mayor Jeremy Cooper confirmed at last week’s council meeting that the town council will write a letter of support for the project.

There are also plans for a pharmacy at the new location, although the tenants of that pharmacy are yet to be decided on.

In normal cases, health centres look to have a pharmacist to pay a rent for the space but there could also be the possibility that the pharmacy is integrated into the primary care network set-up.

The plans have been met with some criticism as sceptics believe that due to the development boom Bodmin is currently experiencing, the building will be oversubscribed before it is finished with others noting that 66 parking spaces will not be sufficient.

The process to have the new surgery build ratified is approximately half-way complete, with the business plan application around two to six weeks from being completed.

After that process is finished, planning permission will be applied for and upon acceptance, the project will be put out to tender with experts estimating it will take around a year to build.

By Oliver Young 24th March 2021

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