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News Archive > Sport > Maywood jumps at chance to take up USA scholarship

Maywood jumps at chance to take up USA scholarship

By Tom Howe 3rd February 2021

Maywood jumps at chance to take up USA scholarship

The transfer window slammed shut at 11.00 pm on Monday, with clubs throughout the Premier and English Football Leagues taking chances on new players to boost their squad ahead of the final few months of the season, writes Tom Howe.

Some find themselves in demand and must choose the best option for themselves and their family. Others feel forced out of their clubs and jump at the first sign of interest. For a few, once-in-a-lifetime opportunities appear and are simply too good to turn down.

That is the situation Callywith College footballer Joe Maywood currently finds himself facing. The 17-year-old Cornwall Youth centre-back, who has also represented Saltash United, Looe Town and Launceston, is facing a big couple of months as he narrows down six football scholarship offers from the United States.

The circumstance arose following a talk delivered to Callywith students by Future Elite Sports, who offer athletes the opportunity to play football in the USA whilst simultaneously working towards an internationally recognised university degree.

“I have had six offers so far,” beamed Maywood, who contacted the organisation last April. “I have yet to commit to one. My first offer was a week or ten days ago. They have been coming in pretty quickly since then and I haven’t had time to properly think about which one I want to go to yet, although I have got one that is quite tempting. Covid has given me more time to think about doing it and may have persuaded me into doing it in the first place.

“Robin Duff [Saltash coach] and Tim Nixon [Callywith coach] briefed Future Elite on how I am as a player. They took that onboard and thought I had potential. They put us into what are called video days and we travelled up to Oxford City to play. That is when they got a real idea of how good we are as players.

“They divided us into two teams and told us to play a specific plan over a 90 minute game split into thirds. Once the footage had been collected, from video days and personal collections, they sent it across to colleges in America who were, for example, in the need of a centre-back. If they were interested, they would send an email to let us know.

“I am going to be heading over in early August. I will have to think about it thoroughly before I commit to a college. I want to be a maths teacher, so I want to study that at whichever college I go to.

“Each college has a different timetable and I will be there for four years in total. I want to experience a different culture. Switching from a rural area to an urban area in a different continent would be surreal. I can’t wait.”

A football scholarship is made up of a financial package towards tuition fees, accommodation and other maintenance costs. Along with top-level academics, American Universities can offer world-class match day stadia, state-of-the-art training facilities and some of the best collegiate coaches in the world. It is the words of one of Maywood’s English coaches that have stayed with him the most though, with a comparison to a current England international and Manchester City defender giving him the impetus to push on.

“I would say Robin Duff from Saltash,” replied Maywood when asked for his biggest inspiration during his youth football. “He gave me the most support and encouragement, helping me to become a better player.

“I don’t have any specific quotes but, at the beginning, he told me I played a bit like John Stones. That fired me up a little bit and gave me a bit of a role model to look up too.

“If I can get there, I will definitely take the chance to be a professional footballer. I will try my hardest to become the best footballer I can be. I would say to others, if you get an opportunity like this, take it. You never know how good it might be. It sounded like a fantastic opportunity. I was a little sceptical at first whether I would get any offers but I have been proved wrong and now I am really looking forward to it.”

Maywood isn’t the only Callywith representative to join Future Elite, with his college team-mate Noah Abideen also signing up to the agency.

For more information on Future Elite Sports, who also offer scholarships in rugby and hockey amongst others, visit www.futureelitesports .com, while, for details on the options offered by Callywith College, see

By Tom Howe 3rd February 2021

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