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Re-elected mayor pledges ‘a programme for change’
Jeremy Cooper will be the Mayor of Bodmin again after being selected in a town council meeting last week.

Jeremy Cooper will be the Mayor of Bodmin again after being selected in a town council meeting last week.

19th may 2021

By Ollie Young

The re-elected Mayor of Bodmin has thanked the local community for its support following the recent town council elections.

Jeremy Cooper was elected to the Bodmin St Lawrence ward of the town council and is also set for another term as Mayor following his choosing at a council meeting last Thursday evening.

He said: “At this point I would like to say how very grateful I am for the community’s support.

“This sees me, along with all the other hard-working independent group of town councillors standing for re-election, return for a second term on Bodmin Town Council.

“I must include a big thank you to all the residents in the new St Lawrence ward who voted for me, putting their faith in a Bodmin man, whose only interest in standing for council is to see the best for the town – a town that my family and I have lived in all our lives, and still live in today.”

Mayor Cooper, whose robing ceremony takes places tomorrow (Thursday) at St Petroc’s Church, also said he believed the election results show Bodmin is in support of the town council.

He said: “Most of the independent team that served on the council last time have been returned by a sizeable vote margin. We consider this to be a vote of confidence in a programme for change, that we have championed at Bodmin Town Council.

“During the last term, we made a commitment to the community to make your precept good value for money, committing to continue to look at new and better ways of managing your precept as effectively and efficiently as possible.

“We previously instigated many exciting and innovative projects that we are keen to see delivered in the new term of the council. We continue to work on agreeing a devolution programme with Cornwall Council, that will see new recreational areas created in and around the town.”

Mayor Cooper also welcomed Graham Frost and Graham Mountcastle as new town councillors and said that Bodmin will be watching as new councillors Kate Rutherford and Rajesh Joshi, both with ties to Bodmin Jail Hotel, join the team.

“I’m sure members of our community will be keen to find out what motivated these two people to join Bodmin Town Council and will also be as eager to see them work with the team to focus on what’s best for Bodmin and its residents,” he said.